House Flipping Startup with Clay Deal

October 8th, 2015 · 37 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

Clay Deal

Clay Deal

Clay and I go way back working at a marketing agency together in Peoria, Illinois. Where his focus was on sales and marketing I was on development and project management. Clay always showed strengths in producing quality work and not wanting to sell something that isnt worth this investment. This quality shows today with Prairie Vista Investments. Their first property went up on and is beautiful.

Prairie Vista Investments

Prairie Vista Investments Property in Canton, Illinois Prairie Vista Investments Property in Canton, Illinois

Started in early 2015, Prairie Vista Investments has the first property on the market and a second getting started in the rehab phase and is developing processes for House Flipping in Central Illinois. Clay mentioned a community of realtors at BiggerPockets with great tips, resources and a great podcast. One of these tips was when looking at your first property, take all the costs, labor, materials, etc and DOUBLE it!

You can find Prairie Vista Investments on their website and facebook.